Cultura | 03.09.2018

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Immagine: Kabil Nageswarakurukkal

Ritorno in Sri Lanka

A journey start always by stepping on a road. This red sandy rural road in the eastern srilankan coast is where my soul step-in to never turn back.

Peaceful greeny farms have morphed places of pain caused by natural devastation and human conflicts.

In this boat, where I’m right now, more than 30 years ago a dozen of tamil civilian were killed by singalese parties. It was one of trigger events cause of the civil war.

“Many things survived unchanged to all that happen here!” My dad told me. I saw why they have survived.

My dad has witness conflicts and disputes. Now I see cohabitation. I want to believe it will last.

People build back their lives, but they still need to update with the rest of world. Or better not?

Lights and colors give hopes to the future. And show us that is not all about darkness.

It’s a new day, sun is getting ready to shine again here. Are these people ready to shine with their lives again?