Società | 09.10.2017

Rebuttal to Miss Botti’s article

Text by Kealan McCormack | Photos by Elena Botti
Sei mesi in Irlanda fanno notare ad Elena grandi o piccole differenze a livello culturale, organizzativo e/o culinario. Kealan, 20enne irlandese, risponde ad Elena. Chissà cosa pensa lui degli stessi argomenti.
Un mare di acqua irlandese nei pressi di Dingle
Immagine: Elena Botti

Tap Water

“Il gusto [dell’acqua irlandese] è simile a un qualche prodotto chimico utilizzato per pulire i pavimenti, o perlomeno al gusto che suppongo abbiano. Così ho adottato una soluzione: bere tè.” Così Elena si è espressa riguardo alla tap water, ma Kealan ribatte:

Perhaps there is bias with this statement, but I can say with absolute certainty that the water here in Ireland is fine (depending on what part of the country you’re drinking it in). The only truly bad thing to happen was a little epidemic in Galway way back in 2007, something like an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis, nothing too major. This was due to the Water Services Bill 2003 not being implemented better but we all learn from our mistakes. The water in Co. Roscommon had to be boiled to drink from 2009 to 2015 but that was resolved. And I know Counties Meath, Louth and Drogheda didn’t get much water during July this year but that was because of water supply services not the actual water itself. Our quality of public access water is quite high, with figures of 98.9% of the supplies complying with the standards for E.coli levels in 2004. However, some private, rural group water schemes give the rest of Ireland’s water a bad name, with these failing to reach the EU drinking water guidelines.

In short? Water here really does depend on your vicinity, and how long you drink it. Personally I find our water delicious. Couldn’t handle London, Paris and couldn’t even try Spain’s water so I’m sure ours is just fine!

Why should water be tasty anyway? The purpose of it is to hydrate, not to be as pleasing as a cold glass of milk or cola (milk for the win; Irelands milk is some of the best in the world). If you don’t like the water, do what lots of children did with their dinner beverages: add a splash of Ribena or Mi Wadi.