Rebuttal to Miss Botti’s article

Text by Kealan McCormack | Photos by Elena Botti
Sei mesi in Irlanda fanno notare ad Elena grandi o piccole differenze a livello culturale, organizzativo e/o culinario. Kealan, 20enne irlandese, risponde ad Elena. Chissà cosa pensa lui degli stessi argomenti.
Immagine: Elena Botti

“L’ultima differenza con cui a livello indiretto sono stata confrontata è l’illegalità dell’aborto nella Repubblica d’Irlanda. Proprio nei prossimi mesi un’assemblea costituita per discutere l’argomento, valuterà i fattori medici, legali e morali.

In Svizzera questa discussione è stata affrontata qualche anno fa e si è conclusa nel 2002 con il diritto di aborto”, ci spiega Elena.

Cosa pensa Kealan di questo argomento delicato?


Elena had already discussed Ireland’s touchy history with Abortion, so I won’t talk about the history of it here. The history doesn’t matter. Sure, Ireland was once a more Catholic and conservative country, but we are slowly diversifying over the past few years, and I believe we will continue to do so over the coming years. Studying in Limerick over the past year and a quarter now, I have noticed how many cultures are here in Ireland more so than I would back home in Nenagh. Sure, that is to be expected what with the University of Limerick being a popular institute on an international level, but even in Limerick city I have seen diversity, while not on the scale of Dublin or London, I would like to think it is only the simmering setting on a cultural boiling pot. I mean, Ireland is the first country in the world to approve same-sex marriage at a nationwide referendum (which I’m glad to say I voted «Yes» for the marriages. People should live the way they want to be!)

Back to the topic of abortion, I think I will vote Yes for the 8th Amendment to be repealed, if only to give people, whether it be families or single, potential mothers the choice to decide whether an abortion is necessary or not. Many countries have the right to use these procedures and I believe it should definitely be used in certain potentially life threatening cases or incidents like what happened with the unfortunate Savita Halappanavar (for those interested here’s a link to an article about it: while Wikipedia can be a bit sketchy to use for information, I have linked the reference page which cites newspapers and other more «acceptable» documents on the tragedy). Naturally, I believe the Irish people will vote on the day with their own beliefs and intentions. I believe the “No” side can be considered a waste of a vote in that at least with a yes, people are given the freedom; the right to choose what they want to do. But, I am a man, and it can be argued I have no right to decide because I don’t know what it’s like going through pregnancy- which I agree with it, to a certain degree. But I’m fine just voting it in and letting people decide for themselves.

That has been the insights of a young Irish man, hopefully you enjoyed the information and the corny jokes- alongside the serious discussion at the end. Ireland may seem old fashioned or outdated to the outside world, but I couldn’t care less. Our people here are just as kind or friendly and cruel or mean as any other people in the world; the only difference is we have more friendly people than cruel. We even have many famous scientists (Robert Boyle– Boyle’s Law is named after his discoveries in the field of Physics, one of the largest observatories telescopes in Europe at one point in time was at Birr Castle, a small driving distance from my house!), writers (Patrick Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney, W.B. Yeats, Roddy Doyle, Maeve Binchy, C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, Maria Edgeworth, James Joyce and Julia O’Faolain, to name a few!), artists and actors you would never believe came from here (Liam Neeson, Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Michael Fassbender and Saoirse Ronan – some of the greatest really!)

Ireland is pretty cool – just as Switzerland and many other places in the world are (in the winter periods of the year).

Kealan McCormack
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