Società | 11.10.2017

Rebuttal to Miss Botti’s article

Text by Kealan McCormack | Photos by Elena Botti
Sei mesi in Irlanda fanno notare ad Elena grandi o piccole differenze a livello culturale, organizzativo e/o culinario. Kealan, 20enne irlandese, risponde ad Elena. Chissà cosa pensa lui degli stessi argomenti.
L'estate irlandese di Elena
Immagine: Elena Botti


“…l’estate non esiste”, sostiene a gran voce Elena, ma Kealan invece non se ne lamenta affatto.

Our summers are fine! Warm rain on cold days, cold rain on warm days, sporadic showers of snow and sleet (the best kind of showers!), thunder and lightning (“is very, very frightening; Galileo! Galileo!”-A reference to Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody for those who don’t know!), and the usual Armageddon that the Daily Mail (shout out to that UK tabloid- it takes some skill to be hated by the whole of Liverpool) “reports” to us on crappy Facebook posts that tell us is happening this Saturday, that’s right: This! Very! Saturday! (Boy, I sure hope that it is not postponed or miraculously changes day or year again like back in 2012- the Mayan’s prediction was a little off, am I right?) All joking aside, our summers can have very odd twists and changes that develop as the day goes on. I mean, we may not have the nice heat of Switzerland, but to be honest, an Irish person would go to Spain for the sun. We’d go to Switzerland to ski! I never even realised it’d had nice weather, I just thought it was cold weather all year long. If I was in a snowy country all year long I’d only have one thought: Arma-geddon out of here!!

While Switzerland may have skiing and… football/soccer? (Bleh!), Ireland has Gaelic Football, surfing and our culturally sport, hurling! That is why we are better than the Swiss (:P) Also we have rugby. If Switzerland has rugby then we are equals.