Società | 10.10.2017

Rebuttal to Miss Botti’s article

Text by Kealan McCormack | Photos by Elena Botti
Sei mesi in Irlanda fanno notare ad Elena grandi o piccole differenze a livello culturale, organizzativo e/o culinario. Kealan, 20enne irlandese, risponde ad Elena. Chissà cosa pensa lui degli stessi argomenti.
In attesa del bus
Immagine: Elena Botti

Trasporti pubblici

Secondo Elena Botti i trasporti pubblici – soprattutto il bus- in Irlanda “non solo non sono economici quanto ci si potrebbe aspettare, poiché ogni volta che si sale si devono pagare 2,20€ all’autista, ma non si è nemmeno mai completamente sicuri della strada che l’autista sceglierà di percorrere”. Kealen non sembra contraddirla troppo:

Unless you’re living/staying in Dublin city, don’t expect an early bus. Most buses here are, at the very least, usually five to ten minutes late. Unfortunately you can learn to get used to this fact. For an example, I have a 9am lecture on at UL (University of Limerick, my choice of study and a damn fine place to study at too!), my bus from Nenagh that I take (a town 40 minutes away from the campus) is at 6am because there is no other bus time that will get me to UL before 9!! This is very infuriating and I always hate Wednesdays even more than usual because of this. Our train system is a bit better though. They are spacious and comfortable and nearly always leave on time. They are also much cheaper than a bus (return ticket from Nenagh to Limerick is €6 while my bus return ticket is €14). The only problem with the train route from Nenagh to Limerick is that it goes three times a day and that’s it!!! It’s crazy how unusable this mode of transport is for me!!